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Monday, December 19, 2022
13:00 start / 18:00 start
​Shinohara Entertainment Hall

Kido coin 10,000 yen

Limited to this performance, comes with a monkey yuka drawstring purse

Shinohara Entertainment Hall's famous rice balls x 2 and star twist set included



2022.11.12. Special page OPEN / First performer announcement

2022.11.19. Second performer (guest) announcement

/ Added details about ticket release date and Q&A

2022.11.26. 3rd performer announcement

/ Ticket details announced

2022.12.2. 4th performer announcement

/ Updated Q&A about twists

2022.12.14. Updated about the twist

​Enjoyable performers

Enyuka mark_monkey.png

1st edition


Kisuke Ichikawa

Shozo Ichikawa

Shonosuke Ichikawa

Ichikawa lol monkey

Ichikawa Miganda Roku

Ikujiro Ichikawa

Enyuka mark_monkey.png

Part 2


​ Alphabetical order

Second generation Jun Koikawa
Chairman of Kiri Ryuza Koikawa Theater Company

Junya Koikawa

Akito Misaki
Akatsuki Theater Company Young Chairperson

Super Brothers Chairman

Enyuka mark_monkey.png

3rd edition

Sort by birthday

Ao Shimomura

Hidekazu Ichise
(Night session only)


Masataka Ishibashi

Maya Shimokawa

Tachiwana Shindai

Go Anai

Yasuko Matsuyuki

Enyuka mark_monkey.png

4th edition

Noritoshi Kashima

​Ichikawa Sarupurasaki

Saruzaburo Ichikawa

Danyuki Ichikawa

Aotora Ichikawa

Ichikawa Shozaburo

Ennosuke Ichikawa

Performance overview


​Performance schedule

Monday, December 19, 2022

 Afternoon section Doors open 12:15   Starts at 13:00

​ night part Doors open 17:15   Starts at 18:00

The performance is scheduled to run for approximately 2 hours (with an intermission).


Shinohara Entertainment Hall

2-17-6 Nakajujo, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0032

​Access: 3 minutes walk from JR Jujo Station/Higashijujo Station

Click here for theater website

​ *Please refrain from inquiring about this performance to the theater.


Kido Sen    All seats reserved 10,000 yen (tax included)

Limited to this performance, comes with a monkey yuka drawstring purse

Shinohara Entertainment Hall's famous rice balls x 2 and star twist set included

◆You can choose the seat type from [chair seat or chair seat].

◆Preschool children are not allowed to enter.

​◆If you would like to enter in a wheelchair, please contact the Ennosuke and His Merry Friends Office.

[] Please contact us.


[Pre-order acceptance period]

Saturday, December 3, 2022 12:00~ Monday, December 5, 18:00 

*Since it will be sold by lottery, it will not be on a first-come, first-served basis.

*You can choose the seat type (chair seat or chair seat), but you cannot choose the seat number.


[General sale]

December 15, 2022 (Thursday) 10:00~

*Tickets will be sold only if there are remaining seats.

◆Tickets for this performance will not be available at each performer's support association or at the Shinohara Entertainment Hall.

The above items are sold only through e-plus.

​Seating chart

Shinohara Entertainment Hall 1st floor 120 seats used.png

*The white part is the chair seat and the blue part is the chair seat.

​*Although it is listed as box seat or first floor seat, you can only choose [chair seat or chair seat] as the seat type.

Project: Ennosuke and his cheerful friends

Hair and makeup cooperation: Kenichi

Cooperation: Shinohara Entertainment Hall / Japan Cultural Popular Theater Association / Akatsuki Theater Company


Ennosuke and his cheerful friends

​​ *Inquiries regarding this performance are not accepted at Shinohara Entertainment Hall


Enyuka mark_monkey.png

What is the content of this performance?

This is a special event where each performer performs their favorite performance.
Is there dancing, singing, music, or acting? !
And there may or may not be a collaboration for this day only.

Enyuka mark_monkey.png

Can I use penlights and cheering fans?

It is OK to use penlights and cheering fans for this performance!

・Please limit use to one per person.

・Holding a penlight or fan higher than chest height, etc.
Acts that obstruct the view of surrounding customers,
Please refrain from dangerous actions such as swinging it around.
Please be considerate of the customers around you.


・Uchiwa fans larger than (28.5cm in height x 29.5cm in width) cannot be used.

・We may refuse the use of penlights with strong luminosity that will interfere with the performance.

・Please be seated during the performance.

Enyuka mark_monkey.png

Over there, is Hancho possible?

From the perspective of measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases,

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please refrain from using this service.
Thank you for your support with a big round of applause and handclaps!

Enyuka mark_monkey.png

Do you sell goods?

Goods sales are available! ​ Click here for the goods lineup!

​ (Please note that the lineup may increase on the day.)

Goods table 1017.png
Enyuka mark_monkey.png

Is it possible to eat and drink in the theater?

Although it is possible, please cooperate in "eating silently" when eating and drinking to prevent droplet infection.

Enyuka mark_monkey.png

Can I take photos and videos?

Taking photos or videos during the performance is prohibited.

Enyuka mark_monkey.png

Please tell me about the infectious disease prevention measures for this performance.

・Please wear a mask except when eating or drinking.
・Please cooperate in disinfecting your hands upon entering.
・If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher or are not feeling well, please refrain from visiting.
・The theater will be regularly ventilated.
・We are prioritizing the health management of performers and theater staff, and in the unlikely event that someone becomes unwell, we may change the performers. Please note.
・Please refrain from waiting for performers to arrive or enter.
・Please refrain from giving presents to the performers.

Enyuka mark_monkey.png

Is it possible to twist it?

Directly giving advice to actors is a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
Please refrain from attending this performance.

however! At this performance, we will be selling “Saru Yukaohire”!

Golden twist 1,000 yen

Silver twist 500 yen

​Set of 5 pieces 1,000 yen


Please be careful not to hit other customers or actors when throwing.

Please be careful.
If you are in the back seat, we would appreciate it if you could throw it onto the hanamichi, or move to the front so as not to block the view of other customers, and throw it onto the stage.

​For those in the rear seats, please refrain from changing seats.


Therefore, if the oshin thrown by the person in the back seat does not reach the stage.

With the cooperation of our customers, we hope to deliver the twists to the stage.

Thank you for your understanding.

​For details on how and when to throw the Otiri,

On the day of the performance, we will provide an explanation before the performance begins.

​ *We may also leave presents and other gratuities on the stage other than the "Saru Yuka Ohenri"please do not.

Project: Ennosuke and his cheerful friends

Cooperation: Shinohara Entertainment Hall / Japan Cultural Popular Theater Association / Akatsuki Theater Company

Contact Us  Ennosuke and his cheerful friends


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