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Welcome to the new era of authentic Japan.

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We have some of the best artists in Japan and will present traditional performing arts works that will be the best experience.

Gagaku (ancient Japanese court music) master and holder of an Important Intangible Cultural Asset, Tsugaru shamisen player which is winner of numerous competitions, master of the Hananomoto school of Japanese dance and name holder of the Edo Kouta, etc.

This team aims to fuse Japanese tradition and modernity with art and uses techniques that are rare anywhere in the world, creating a multifaceted 'Japan' experience here.

The JAPAN THEATER is packed with one-of-a-kind creating that can only be found here in the world.






Music creator, bassist

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He has been involved in a wide range of music production activities, including providing songs for artists, live performances and recordings, arranging, producing, trackmaking, and providing music for TV animation. He is the leader of "HATENKOHRO," a fusion of sword fighting, Japanese dance, dance, violin, and band.




Japanese classical dance

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In addition to performing as a Japanese dancer at the National Theater of Japan and elsewhere, and performing in Japan and abroad as a member of HATENKOHRO.
She also organizes workshops and teaches postures and choreography for TV dramas, movies, and stage productions.





(Join as charity)

Gagaku Musician

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Gagaku master.
Born in Tokyo in 1978, he entered the world of gagaku in 1994 and was appointed as a Gakushi in 2000.
He is the leader of Gagaku Gyoyunokai. As a representative player of Gagaku, he has performed at the Accession Ceremony of the Emperor Hirohito and the Taimae Ceremony. He is also known for performing for Ivanka Trump and Warren Buffett when they visited Japan. He is the holder of the General Certification for Gagaku, an Important Intangible Cultural Property.


(All of his proceedings will be donated to charity.)


Hiroyuki Igarashi

Videographer, Video director, VJ

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Akira Ambo

Music engineer

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Tsugaru shamisen and Japanese folk song player

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GENSHOW is a Tokyo-based video creator.

He is active in a wide range of video creative, including direction, cameraman fields, editing, motion graphics, computer graphics, and narration.


The 5th string of the guitar is sometimes called the "A-String" because it is tuned to the "La" = A note. The A note is also the reference note (e.g., 440-442 Hz) when tuning the piano or guitar .
A-String aims to create music with guitar/bass and other stringed instruments, along with talented artists of all genres, and to record their wonderful music and bring it to the ears of as many people as possible.


He has performed on TV and radio, collaborated with jazz, jpops, and enka singers, and has been active in many other fields, including school performances and teaching materials, performing not only in Japan, but also overseas.

He is also active not only as a shamisen player but also as a taiko drummer and singer, and has won many awards for his singing, including first place at the national min'yo contests in 2000 and 2008, first place overall in 2011, and participation in the Prime Minister's Cup Contest in 2012, where he captivated audiences with his diverse skills.



Shinobu Anzai

Photographer, Wet plate collodion photographer

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Edokouta Ichisato

Hauta musician

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Studied under Ichinosuke Nakamura in Edo Kouta.      
She learned Japanese dance from her childhood and started playing the shamisen at the age of 19. 
In September 2008, she got the name of Edo kouta.
Performed at the Hochi Hauta Appreciation Society, Victor Meiryu

      Kouta Festival, and other events.                
She also performs shamisen in a wide range of activities, including shamisen performances in conjunction with theatrical performances.



Japanese design calligrapher

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The lines, dots, splashes, smudges, and blurring of the sumi ink are all unique to the brush, and their expression is limitless.

Aiming to create works that are not only readable, but also felt, she takes on the challenge of creating calligraphy and paintings with a human touch.


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