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Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law




[Operation Chief]

Satoshi Ito



4-3-3 Kyuden, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo


[Ancillary expenses other than the price]

Packet charges for use
Shipping fee
for customers who want to sell goods etc.


[Payment method of price (compensation)]

Credit card payment / convenience store payment(Japan only)  / bank transfer


[About selling price]

The selling price will be the displayed price (display price / consumption tax included).


[About delivery products]

In principle, we do not ship overseas. We will only ship within Japan.


[About the number of simultaneous purchases of delivery products]

The number of simultaneous purchases determined by the product varies. Please see the product page for details.


[Delivery time of services or goods]

We will ship as soon as we are ready after receiving the delivery request.

* It may take up to 3 weeks.

* Delivery time varies depending on the product.

* If the product is returned due to absence, moving, etc., it will be resent by cash on delivery.


[Matters related to special contracts regarding returns]

Within 7 days from the arrival of the product only for product sales

Due to the nature of the product, we do not return download contents or subscription distribution.

Basically, we do not accept returns unless the item is defective.

We also have one-of-a-kind items, so if there is a defect, we will refund it.


[Return shipping]

In case of initial failure, we will bear the cost, and in case of customer's convenience, we will bear the shipping cost.


[phone number]


[mail address]


[Support Center Business Hours]

[Weekdays] 11: 00am-5: 00 pm

We will get back to you within about 7 business days.

* We will only respond by email.

* If you do not receive the e-mail after 7 days, "You have entered the wrong e-mail address."

There may be a cause such as "It is sorted to the junk mail folder", so

Please check your "email address" and "reception settings" carefully before sending your question again.


[Notes on expressions and products]

There are individual differences in the expressions and reproducibility shown in this product, and we do not necessarily guarantee profits or effects.




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