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2020.11.15.(sun.) on sale!

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Jacket designed by Ayahana Fukuda

The songs which included;
“FURUSATO” – It was been coming up a lot about posted the music video looks like a Anime.
“Jongara bushi” arranged to metal – This is original by Tsugaru local traditional song and the music special guest is Hiroshi Yamanaka who is best Tsugaru shamisen player in Japan.
Moreover, “Oedo Nihombashi” “Tohryanse” and some original songs included.

Crazy metal arrange – “Zui Zui Zukkorobashi”,
The new song, “Night Walk” feel like oriental mood.
This album have a huge impact for beginner and fans of HATENKOHRO.

This year was so tumultuous for everyone.
HATENKOHRO hope to give the silver lining for the future to the world!




15th Nov. 2020 on sale


※Prices may vary depending on the distribution site, such as a subscription-based site. 



Music by Teiichi Okano / Arranged by HATENKOHRO
Violin Juri Mizuno / Guitar Zenya Sakata / Drum Katsuhiko Endo / Bass SADA

M2. Oedo Nihombashi
Music by Japanese traditional music / Arranged by HATENKOHRO
Violin Juri Mizuno / Guitar Zenya Sakata / Drum Katsuhiko Endo / Bass SADA 
Vocal Izki

M3. Jongara-Bushi(Feat.Hiroshi Yamanaka)
Music by Japanese traditional music / Arranged by HATENKOHRO
Guitar Zenya Sakata / Drum Katsuhiko Endo / Bass SADA
Tsugaru Shamisen Hiroshi Yamanaka

M4. Zui Zui Zukkorobashi
Music by Japanese traditional music / Arranged by Zenya Sakata
Guitar Zenya Sakata / Drum Katsuhiko Endo / Bass SADA
Vocal Jigorou / Chorus Zenya Sakata, Katsuhiko Endo, SADA

M5. Night Walk
Music by Zenya Sakata
Violin Juri Mizuno / Guitar Zenya Sakata / Drum Katsuhiko Endo / Bass SADA /
Additional player
Piano Noriko Kanazawa / Per. Takaki Kamata

M6. Tohryanse
Music by Japanese traditional music / Arranged by HATENKOHRO
Violin Juri Mizuno / Guitar Zenya Sakata / Drum Katsuhiko Endo / Bass SADA 
Vocal Izki

M7. Apocalypse
Music by SADA
Violin Juri Mizuno / Guitar Zenya Sakata / Drum Katsuhiko Endo / Bass SADA 



Produced by HATENKOHRO
Co-produced by WISTERIENCE
Recorded and Mastered by Akira Ambo (A-string) at A-string Studio
Jacket Designed by Ayahana Fukuda

Photo Hiroshi.jpg

Feat. 山中裕史 

Hiroshi Yamanaka
 (M3. Jongara-Bushi)

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Tsugaru Shamisen player


August 9, 1989 / Born in Saitama Prefecture

Started folk songs from the generation of both grandparents, father was a Tsugaru shamisen player, and mother was a folk song singer.
Unusual in the world of shamisen, he masters two types of shamisen, Tsugaru shamisen is also active as "Toshihito Sawada", and fine shamisen is also active as "Toshihiro Sasamoto".
In 2017, he won the national tournament held in Kanagi-cho, the birthplace of the Tsugaru shamisen. Received the highest "Nitabo Award".
In addition, he won the "22nd Tsugaru Shamisen Competition National Tournament" to be held in Tokyo in 2019. Achieve double crown in the highest peak tournament.
He is active on TV and radio as one of the few young players on the fine shamisen.
In addition, he has performed in various fields such as co-starring with jazz, jpops, enka singer, and voice actors, school performances, school teaching materials, etc., and also performs many domestic performances as well as overseas performances.
In addition to the shamisen, he is also active as a Japanese drum player and singer. Received the award of, and fascinates the audience with its various arts.


(I'm a fan of HATENKOHRO. lol)
The collaborate with them was my hope so when I asked to talk about participating in the album this time by HATENKOHRO, I immediately replied.
I'm looking forward to hearing their songs every time,
Example, "What kind of song is it every time you listen to the album or song of HATENKOHRO?" "Is it an arrangement?" and so on.
But this album goes far beyond that imagination.
In the Jonkara-bushi song bullets that I participated in, there are no rules regarding measures or speed, and the performance is improvised.
Therefore, when playing with other instruments, there are many points to consider, such as measures and speed but this time, I was told "Please play freely ♪", so I played as usual without worrying about it at all.
I think that this work is the result of the superimposition of the improvisational Jongara-bushi, the terrible arrangement of the heavenly route, and the hot performance.
This works will betray your imagination.
You should listen to "Unprecedented"!


Jacket Design

​Ayahana Fukuda

Editorial designer / illustrator


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Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Department of Design.

After working at two design offices, became freelance from 2020.

Worked for an editorial design office for 5 years. While designing books such as practical books and textbooks, I posted illustrations of Kabuki that I started drawing through my hobby, theater, on SNS.

It features real-time depiction of contemporary Japanese classical culture, such as traditional performing arts and actor fan art.

Goods are on sale at the online shop BASE.

Comment from Ayanaha Fukuda

It was a great honor for me to say, "I want you to enjoy drawing as much as possible."
Ms. Hananomoto has been watching the illustration posts on my SNS for a long time and she requested me to the jacket illustration candidate for the new mini album. I'm amazed at present day internet world!

During the production, I saw the music and activities of HATENKOHRO,
I was surprised and sympathized with the great love for Japanese culture and the way it sublimated.
I heard a scream that  "What we like is so cool!" in their works.
And I wanted to answer "I know this feeling!" loudly.

When asked about the characteristics of the members, they seemed to have different personalities and temperaments.
Plenty of wonderful personality that makes you think it's a cartoon character.
It was so much fun and I became to feel just like my character.

The songs of "FURUSATO" is nostalgic but new
A mysterious throbbing springs up comfortably in the bottom of my stomach.
I felt it was such a piece.
I hope people will love the jacket illustrations as well as the music.


You can listen and purchase songs at the  stores below.

* Click the icon of each store to access the music information.

* The link will be valid from 0:00(Japan time) on 15th Nov..

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