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Japanese traditional dance performer

Izki Hananomoto 

Member of the Nihonbuyo Association

The master of Hananomoto house

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Started Japanese traditional dance at the age of two-half and debut on the stage at the age of four.
Then she learned a lot of Japanese instruments(Shamisen,Japanese drum,Japanese flute and so on)
and Jazz dance,Hip-Hop dance,Ballet,Classical singing,Musical training from childhood.

She got professional license of Japanese traditional dance at the age of seventeen and became professional dancer.

Made her acting debut in 2010 at the 8th Kamejiro Gala, produced by Kabuki actor Kamejiro Ichikawa (currently Ennosuke Ichikawa).
Now perform the traditional showcase at National theater of Japan constantly
but at the same time she think out of the box and made new Japanese traditional dancing.
For example try to fusion Pops music and Rock music of various country or dance of other genre. 
Because she want to have more people interested in Japanese traditional culture.

In 2016 it started “HATEN KOHRO” that is outstanding artisan group
(Guitar × Violin × Japanese Dance × Stage Combat × Western Dance Japanese and Western entertainment) 
that performs all around the world.(France,UK,China,Taiwan and New Zealand)

​In recent years, she has also been active as an instructor, holding Japanese dance workshops in the United States and teaching movements at stage performances.



1994 ・Juichikai “Nagauta Full of Chrysanthemums” (Chofu Green Hall Large Hall) 1998 ・Juichikai “Nagauta Omi no Okane” (Fuchunomori Arts Theater Furusato Hall) 2000 ・Hanahonkai “Nagauta Renshi”


I will teach you carefully at a one-on-one pace, so everyone from beginners to experienced players can start regardless of their age.
Basically, I will teach you from classical performances,
Choreography for popular songs and Western music is also available upon request.

・Dressing of yukata and kimono
・Guidance on movements and handling of props for expressive actors such as actors and dancers
・Guidance for groups such as circles and productions
・Practice guidance at a studio near Tokyo or your home

Please feel free to contact us.

1 coin trial in progress! ! !

Experience fee: 500 yen

If you would like to experience
Please indicate that you would like to experience the experience.
1) Name
2) Address
3) Phone number, email address
Please write in the text and contact us using the inquiry form below.
(*If you have specified a domain, etc., please make sure to set it so that you can receive emails from the domain [])

[Information about the practice hall]

[Chitose Karasuyama classroom]
Access: 10 minutes walk from Chitose Karasuyama Station or Sengawa Station on the Keio Line

[Information on prices]
Entree fee: 5,000 yen

[General course] Practice fee: 3,000 yen per session
[Student course] Practice fee: 2,000 yen per session
[Infant/pediatric course] Lesson fee: 5,000 yen per month (3 times per month)

[Yukata dressing master course]
*Please note that there is no free trial for this course.
*No entry fee is required for this course only.

1 course (60 minutes): 1,500 yen / 2 thorough courses (60 minutes x 2): 2,000 yen


*Practices are basically private lessons.
*Practice dates are irregular. We will send you the rehearsal date by email the previous month.
*Practices are by reservation only. Please reserve your preferred time during the practice day.
*We may not be able to accept last-minute reservations. note that.
*Please bring a yukata, obi, and tabi as training clothes. (We also have rentals available for beginners)

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