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MUSIC - Music production and management

As a member of JASRAC/Japan Music Copyright Association (Approval No. 22714),

We handle master recording production and song promotion.

・Artist production






・CD press (overseas/domestic)

・JASRAC registration agency for each song

・Music distribution service agency


We handle music management, royalty distribution, etc.

We will play a part in creating an environment where artists can concentrate more on their music activities.

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Music planning and production

We plan and produce music for CDs, games, video music, stage music, seasonal in-store BGM, etc.
We also propose projects that utilize the many original sound sources we have.


Production of original music

We have a large selection of music that uses Japanese instruments, world-class performances, and sound sources that are conscious of the latest sounds.
Uplifting songs, song-specific arrangements, stage ensembles,

We handle a wide range of recordings, from electro to live performance recordings.
We will further advance the artist's worldview and create unique music.

Copyright management


The copyright of the song is entrusted to the copyright holder (artist),
We will submit notifications to JASRAC, license usage, and carry out promotional activities.
Copyright royalties arising from the use of songs (music distribution, CDs/DVDs, performances, broadcasts, etc.)
We will receive it from JASRAC and distribute it to related rights holders.

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