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dancer/violin maker

Yuya Hirakawa    Yuya Hirakawa

12 years of hip hop dancing, 4 years of break dancing

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Since university days, he has been active mainly in Break Dance and Hiphop.
From dance to music while continuing to work at commercial and PV filming sites, etc.Furthermore, his interest shifted from music to musical instruments, and he also works as a luthier.Based on the language skills cultivated while living overseas, she is currently working in dance venues both domestically and internationally.We are exploring the possibilities of musical instruments.

Main career (dance)

・Karaoke JOY SOUND CM appearance
・ALSOK CM appearance
・Epson CM appearance
・HKT48 PV support dancer
・NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen Kiyoshi Hikawa back dancer
・Corporate celebration opening act Support dancer (Saitama Super Arena)
・"Kishidan Expo" Kishidan back dancer

​Main career (violin)

・TV Asahi Wandering the Night Streets  Appearance   
・Appearance on Cable TV Shinagawa information variety program Shinagawa EYE   

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