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CULTURE - Performance production/Japanese culture guidance

Through instructional work, show and event packages
We will spread Japanese culture as entertainment both domestically and internationally, and provide opportunities for more people to enjoy Japanese culture.
We use artists who are active at the forefront of each genre, and we place importance on conveying authentic techniques in an easy-to-understand and fun way.

In addition to performances and events related to Japanese culture, we also handle production work for a variety of business formats, such as music concerts and contemporary dramas.


Guidance on behavior

List of guidance/supervision items


[Japanese dance]

・Instruction and supervision of classical performances

Dance choreography and guidance to match the atmosphere

[Guidance on behavior]

・How to walk and behave in kimono in accordance with the role and work (regardless of gender)

[Geisha scene guidance]

・How to dress according to the era and place, white makeup,

Supervision of how to insert wigs and hairpins, etc.

・Instruction on dance and play in the tatami room

・Guidance on behavior such as how to behave in a tatami room and how to respond to customers

[Kabuki scene guidance]

・Guidance and supervision of audience behavior in Kabuki scenes from the Edo period to the present day

・Supervision of stage surfaces and guidance and supervision of personnel around the playhouse.

[Tool instruction]

・Instruction on how to hold and move fans and other dance props

・Shamisen (how to hold it, how to play it, simple music instruction)

・Supervision of Japanese instruments such as drums, drums, and flutes (how to hold them, how to play them, etc.)

[Supervision of period pieces and Japanese-based songs]

・Selection of classical songs (existing songs) according to the historical background, role, and scene

[Kimono dressing]

・Yukata and kimono dressing/Modern style dressing, etc.

Specializing in Japanese items, historical items, and Japanese culture.

Information regarding guidance and supervision

​Drama, movie, stage, show, etc.

Choreography of Japanese dance along with various works and

We provide guidance services.

​In addition, information regarding various Japanese cultures

We also accept coordination from experts.

Experts are active on the front lines, including license holders.

We only cast professionals.

If you would like expert profiles for each genre, please contact us.

In addition to the genres listed,

We may be able to cast an expert who specializes in Japanese products.

Please feel free to contact us.

Coordination of various experts


Sword fighting instruction using swords, naginata, etc.

・Kimono dressing according to the historical background

・Wearing special kimono such as furisode

・Historical background instruction
Edo period / Heian period / Sengoku period etc.


Drums, drums, flutes, etc.

・Japanese music performances such as Nagauta, Kiyomoto, Tokiwazu, Gidayu, Yamatogaku, Hauta, Kouta, etc.

・Tsugaru Shamisen


・Folk songs




concert hall

Performance/event production

Theater performances, music events, etc.
Production operations tailored to the needs of each field
We suggest ​


・Performance at the theater
(historical dramas, contemporary dramas, musicals, opera, Japanese dance, dance, concerts,
talk events, etc.)


・Music performances at live houses

We also provide operational support for fan events, etc.

Please feel free to contact us.

Main duties


​・Ticket sales design


・Advertisement design using SNS, website, etc.


・Income and expenditure planning for the entire performance


・Design of operations on the day of the performance

​・Acting as customer service desk

​・Other support for work related to performances


ショーパッケージ TOKYO座

Everyone can enjoy it

Proposing “Japanese culture entertainment”

At our company, ninja shows are performed by sword fighting masters who are descendants of real ninjas, and Japanese dancers wearing glittering kimonos are performed by Japanese dancers who are members of the Japan Dance Association and have instructor licenses.

All have top-class technology and quality in Japan,

We only employ artists who are active on the front lines as professionals in each genre.

Different languages, different cultures, everyone can enjoy it
A show that pursues entertainment,

Because we create experiential content,

Of course, for discerning Japanese lovers,

For those who don't know much about Japan yet

We have a wide range of content that will be well received.

show package

​Example of content that can be proposed


Hatenkoro -HATENKOHRO-

Sword fighting/Japanese dance/dance

violin band fused

A new Japanese entertainment group.


TV dramas, stage performances, live support for famous artists, etc.

“Genuine” engineers who are active in various places gather together

While inheriting Japanese traditional culture,

Anyone can enjoy it, regardless of culture or language

as entertainment

It embodies a Japanese cultural show.

[Showcase example]

・Available for various minutes from 10 minutes to 1 hour (live performance)

・Can also accommodate sets with a small number of people, such as without instruments (sword fighting, Japanese dance, dance only)


Also available for commemorative photos, welcomes, etc.



Enjoy an impressive samurai and ninja show.


・Samurai & Ninja Show 5 minutes/10 minutes/20 minutes

・Samurai or Ninja experience corner 10 minutes to 30 minutes

(You can actually experience ninja style or samurai etiquette)


Also available for commemorative photos, welcomes, etc.

Number of performers: 4 people ~


Japanese dance show & experience plan

You can enjoy authentic Japanese dance in traditional kimono and white lacquerware.


・Japanese dance show 5 minutes to 20 minutes

・Japanese dance (folding fan, etc.) experience & photography

10 minutes to 30 minutes


Also available for commemorative photos, welcomes, etc.

Number of performers: 1 to 5 people


Tatami room plan by Geisha​

​In collaboration with Omori Geisha Okiya Umeyoshi,

A tatami room (dancing and tatami play) with a Tokyo geisha

I would like to make a suggestion.

In addition to restaurants and houseboats, we also travel to various events.

I accept.

​・Ozashiki plan 2 hours ~

(dancing, drinking sake, playing in a tatami room, etc.)

Also available for commemorative photos, welcomes, etc.

Number of performers: 2 to 10 people


​Workshop business

​Example of content that can be proposed

​◆ Japanese dance workshop for dancers

Lecturer: Itsuteru Hananomoto / Yuya Hirakawa and others

We held a workshop in collaboration with dancers,

We give lectures on Japanese dance and Kabuki movements that are easy to use in dance choreography.

[Past lineup]

・Folding fan × Jazz Dance

・Japanese umbrella × Jazz Hip-Hop

・Kabuki × Hip-Hop


◆ Sword posing instruction for cosplayers

While teaching movement and posing according to the character

There will also be a lecture on how to safely use props with swords and other weapon motifs.

We offer courses to help you enjoy cosplay more safely.

◆ Online workshop

For those who cannot come to the lesson in person

So that you can easily become familiar with Japanese culture

​We will also hold an online workshop.


Japanese culture × anime, cosplay, dance


Recently, there has been an increase in dances that use Japanese elements, such as dances wearing kimonos and dances using fans.

There are also many people who became interested in sword fighting and kimono through anime and cosplay.

However, the reality is that very few people have acquired the correct knowledge about costumes and tools.

We welcome instructors who are active on the front lines in various fields of Japanese performing arts such as Japanese dance and sword fighting, and we have lecturers who are active on the front lines of Japanese performing arts such as Japanese dance and sword fighting, and while giving lectures on correct knowledge of Japanese culture, we also have the ability to apply it to dance, cosplay, etc. I will give a lecture at the same time.

Real knowledge = formal things that must be protectednot,

Genuine knowledge = something that can further improve your workI thought,

Rather than being bound by rules, our goal is to create a variety of productions and expressions that have never existed before by arranging things based on knowledge of the rules.

It also aims to expand the appeal, diversity, and flexibility of Japanese culture to the younger generation who have not had any interest in it until now.

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